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“In The Dead Of Night” at the Landor Theatre

Flushed with sweat and sex, Claudio Macor’s fringe oddity features a crazy assortment of love-struck prostitutes, male and female, in a crime-infested South American brothel.

The play’s billing as an uncensored film noir on stage is a bit of a red herring. This is a thriller pure and simple, with crooks, conspiracy and more than enough tango, twists and turns to tickle the fancy. While the tale is steady, it’s a shame the characterisation doesn’t match the plotting – back stories are fussily elaborated, and the dialogue might be sharper.

But there’s no doubting that the show is racy. The boyz in wet T-shirts (is spraying them someone’s job?) include handsome heroes Jordan Alexander and Matt Mella, while ravishing Susannah Allman and her suspenders guarantee fluttering pulses.

Judith Paris and Susannah Allman

It may be ungallant to highlight the age of Judith Paris as the play’s fine femme fatale, but experience counts and her assured performance stands out amongst the young cast. Some roles cry out for older performers. But, despite flaws, the gorgeous players acquit themselves well, creating a stylised atmosphere full of camp appeal. So what if there’s more sex than suspense – this quirkily entertaining show wins with its brashness.

Until 16 May 2015


Photos by PND Photography