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“Falling Stars” on stream.theatre

Peter Polycarpou’s show fell afoul of the second Coronavirus Lockdown earlier this month. Thankfully, this version for streaming, produced by Ginger Quiff Media, is a real treat.

Based on a cache of sheet music – of “glorious forgotten melodies” and massive hits – found in an antique shop, the piece is a fantastic collection of songs from the 1920s.

Polycarpou’s delivery of the stories behind this musical miscellany is a lovely mix of facts and fun; he proves to be a great guide. The musical archaeology, aided by arranger Mark Dickman, is combined with sheer wonder at the talent and artistry of the past. The sense of joie de vivre Polycarpou admires, and brings to the stage, is grounded with details about the composers, some famous, others now obscure.

Sally Ann Triplett, in fine voice, aids the show’s pace. The variety of moods, reflected in the song selection, is also ably handled by director Michael Strassen. Triplett moves effortlessly between ballads and comedy numbers. The couple make a convivial pair; a sense of their friendship making even melancholy numbers strangely welcoming. A shared enthusiasm for the music of Charlie Chaplin is contagious: as Polycarpou suggests, Chaplin’s music for his films could make a show of their own… yes please!

Welcome though the recording is, I’m sure Polycarpou and Triplett would agree this music is best live, with loved ones and maybe a drink… I’m thinking a cocktail. Fingers crossed, two dates are planned 8th and 9th January; so, watch now and book for later.

Streaming until 29 November 2020


Photo by Paul Nicholas Dyke